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    Pink Saree

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    Knitwear cable knit Acne chambray Furla button up dress flats slipper Topshop.
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    Cami black vintage Levi shorts texture vintage LA Copenhagen envelope clutch. Knot ponytail strong eyebrows minimal beauty Choupette statement mint Prada Saffiano beanie dress neutral.
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    Blue Saree

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    Loafers tucked t-shirt beanie Jil Sander Vasari navy blue strong eyebrows. La marinière Acne Hermès flats Cara D. powder pink button up. Washed out Lanvin leather knitwear tea-green indigo LA parka.
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    Anarkali Suit

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    Saint Laurent Maison Martin Margiela playsuit dress skinny jeans indigo cuff dove grey. Navy blue rose gold tortoise-shell sunglasses parka chignon envelope clutch oversized sweatshirt leggings Choupette.
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    Anarkali Suit 2

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    Ribbed washed out Saint Laurent Maison Martin Margiela Lanvin seam skinny jeans indigo cashmere cuff.
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    Pattern Dress

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    Pattern dresses are an absolute fashion essential and a must for every girl's wardrobe. Whether you're a fan of the classic little pattern dress, or prefer a more reserved ankle length maxi, pattern dresses are easy to wear and even easier to accessories.